Infura's path to decentralization - blog

:loudspeaker: Progressive decentralization is key to driving critical mass adoption of web3.

:brain: We have been working heads down on the new decentralized infrastructure network announced in September.

:thought_balloon: Today we’re sharing reflections & updates on advancements to the network so far

:bulb: Progressive decentralization is the step-by-step process to ensure each layer — from data storage, indexing, querying, and verification — is decentralized.

:dizzy: We are building a consortium of web3 infrastructure providers to form an independent network in addition to our current business.

:star: This will enable various providers to offer RPC service resulting in no single point of failure. This is the power of decentralization.

:computer: The network design is currently in the initial stages, as are the network roles:
- Infrastructure Providers - to provide network capacity
- Watchers - to periodically test providers
- Ingress Operators - to distribute the user request across the network

:walking_man:t6: It may seem like Infura’s path to decentralization has just begun, but progressive decentralization is a step-by-step process and we’ve been working on this since day one.

:book: Here is the link to our full article on the update:

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