IPFS Timeouts and Internal Server Errors

I’m trying to upload my website to IPFS with ipfs-http-client. (https://github.com/ConsenSys/web3studio-soy/blob/master/packages/soy-core/src/Soy.js#L95)

I’m getting intermittent Gateway Timeouts and internal server errors preventing the site to be fully uploaded. One of the errors happens often enough that it’s prevented my last 20 or so attempts from going to completion.

I’m not passing an api key as I can’t find documentation on how to do so. I’m not sure if that matters?

Thanks for reporting this Michael, we are looking into the issue.

Hello @mike,

I’m having the same issue with a simple image if that can help. I upload it and then download it a minute after, but it’s been two days my code fails with a gateway timeout error (504) while it’s been working fine for a few weeks already. Example of a successful upload that timeout : Qmf7yvoeCSfLcMZtfT9UaPkz383VJvXkkL8rYpz4oRRufk

Any help would be much appreciated as I’m using this in production.

When did you last experience this issue?

We pushed a fix that should resolve the 504 errors you’re seeing, can you test it now?