Is it possible to obtain Infura logs for requests made with my private key?

I got my wallet hacked and I suspect transaction was made using infura service. So I am curious if it is possible to ask Infura support for logs (if there are any). An inquiry by the police is already underway.

hi @swarog, we can try to look for that specific transaction hash and if we find it, see if we can figure out the specific IP address of the sender but I doubt that a hacker would use an identifiable IP so I’m not sure how much that’s gong to help you.

Hi @traian.vila , thank you for your prompt response. Everything you’ve mentioned is absolutelly true. Police just ask me to collect as many information as possible. What is the best approach to share information with Infura?

hey @swarog, ConsenSys does log IP addresses for transactions that utilize our Infura nodes, and we generally are able to produce those promptly upon receipt of a formal request from law enforcement. To the extent you are engaged with law enforcement, please ask them to send an information request on department letterhead to, and we will respond expeditiously.

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