ITX Private Beta - Stop overpaying for transactions

We are opening ITX up for more users and now you can add yourself to the waitlist directly in the Infura Dashboard. The latest record high gas prices on Ethereum are proof that developers need access to tools that not only save them money in sending transactions but also help them navigate the complexity of getting the transaction mined. Our latest round of testing with ITX shows significant savings on gas while taking all the complexity out of sending a transaction.

Here’s how to get started,

Login at and select one of your Ethereum projects, if you don’t already have a project don’t worry, it will walk you through how to get setup.

You will be taken to your familiar Ethereum project stats page but now you’ll notice a few new tabs in the top left,

Select Transactions and now you will see our all new Transactions section of the dashboard,

Click Get Started with ITX and you’ll be added to the waitlist! Once you’re approved from the waitlist you will receive an email with specific instructions on how to start using ITX.

We are very excited to see all the amazing new user experiences and applications made possible with ITX.