Linea test ETH faucet is here!

:rocket: Ready to dive into the world of Linea?

:potable_water: We’re thrilled to announce that our faucet is now development ready! Grab 0.5 Linea ETH daily directly to your wallet!

:bulb: Test the network, deploy your smart contracts, or execute transactions - we’ve got you covered.

:electric_plug: Powered by Infura, the Linea faucet is your gateway to a world of possibilities.

:bell: Here’s how to get started:

:one: Log into your Infura dashboard and choose ‘Faucet’ > select Linea Faucet
:two: Or directly visit Ethereum API | IPFS API & Gateway | ETH Nodes as a Service | Infura
:three: Enter your wallet address and hit that “receive eth” button

:computer: We can’t wait to see the amazing projects you’ll build!


Ive just loaded some linea eth

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thanks for everything✨️