Missing TX hash in TX receipt when a contract is deployed

Hello everybody.
I’m using web3j with Infura and I’ve noticed a potential issue when a smart contract is deployed.
Precisely seems that Infura doesn’t give the transaction hash as soon as possible but wait a certain amount of time.
This behavior impact web3j because it’s returned a transaction receipt object with a missing value that, at the end, cause potential problem when interacting with the smart contract.
Is it normal and I have to take into account this behavior or is a potential issue? Am I missing something?

Unfortunately this can happen, I recommend handling this delay in your program. We are working on a feature that would allow you to identify a specific Infura project ID to be used for deployments and these types of errors would not occur.

Hello Mike!
Sorry for the late reply and thank you for the quick clarification.
We will take into account this delay as you suggested.
Hope to see the mentioned feature soon :smile:
I don’t know if could be helpful in some way but I’ve noticed that this delay statically occurs more often when we deploy a non-trivial smart contract. Otherwise, for simple smart contract or normal transactions this behavior doesn’t occurs.

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No worries and thank you for this information!