Need help in : Content Not Found' error

Hello community,

I’m facing an issue where the content I’ve uploaded to IPFS isn’t showing up properly. When I try to access it through my application, I’m getting a ‘Content Not Found’ error. I’ve checked my code, ensured that the content is correctly uploaded to IPFS, and verified the CID, but still no luck. Has anyone encountered a similar issue before or can provide guidance on how to troubleshoot this problem effectively?

Thank you in advance!

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Hey @rohan02 , can you let me know the cid and when did you upload it? can you access it via your Infura Dedicated Gateway? also is it pinned to an Infura node? any content added and which is not pinned is removed shortly after.

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I upload this after all completion. then I check this : training
But I could not found any solution.

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