Old Project gives basic auth error on eth_blockNumber


The project was setup a while back when the blockchain was accessed via
https://mainnet.infura.io/[PROJECT ID]
but that gives the error: project ID not provided
Using /v2 gives the same error

Using /v3 gives basic auth error

for a simple eth_blockNumber call

Is there a process to change/migrate older projects to v3?



Hi Phil, welcome to our community.

There was not a process to migrate the old Project IDs to be valid as a v3 ID. What you will need to do is register for an account at https://infura.io and generate a new Project. The full process is outlined here, though it is pretty straightforward. https://blog.infura.io/getting-started-with-infura-28e41844cc89/

That should get you going again, thanks!