Out of Sync Teku nodes

I run an ETH2 validator that uses Infura as the Beacon node. Lots of my attestations fail (10%).

I often get this message, which the Teku teams has said indicates that one or more of the Infura beacon nodes is out of sync.

Can this be investigated?

Error: tech.pegasys.teku.core.signatures.SlashableConditionException: Refusing to sign attestation at slot 3044182 with source epoch 95102 and target epoch 95130 because it may violate a slashing condition

Hi @Davis and welcome to our Infura community.

Our technical team is looking into it. We will let you know on our support ticket thread once the issue is solved.

Hi, any updates with this?

I also see erratic behavior when using Infura Beacon Nodes as the node provider for my (lighthouse) validator.

My validator reports: many re-orgs (every minute), many missed attestations (few per hour), messages saying the node’s clock is out of sync, messages saying the validator won’t sign an attestation due to high slashing probability.

This should be fixed, in case you see any issues please submit a ticket and we’ll dig in: Contact Us | Infura

The Infura Beacon Node seems much more stable now with my validator setup. No more re-orgs or clock out of sync messages, and I’m publishing attestations in a timely manner.

Thank you!

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I also run an validator (Teku) using Infura as the Beacon node. About 50% of my attestations missed.

The log says:
2022-04-25 00:16:23.205+00:00 | validator-async-3 | ERROR | RetryingDutyLoader | Failed to request validator duties for epoch 114640. Retrying after delay.
java.util.concurrent.CompletionException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid params response from Beacon Node API (url = https://eth2-beacon-mainnet.infura.io/eth/v1/validator/duties/proposer/114640)

Please somebody help me!

hey, we’re looking into it.

I am using infura as a backup and lost a disk on my beacon node recently. Since my validator is now relying on an infura eth2 enpoint, my attestation rate is pretty all over the place but successful between 40 and 70% of the time.

Hey, we were having a recurring sync issue on our end, it looks to be solved now. You might see it sporadically reoccurring until we’re going to deploy some fixes in the next few days. Don’t hesitate to open a support ticket if you need our help, thanks !

Today has been way better, missed 1 in the last 100, Thanks for the update!