Pinning IPFS images - http status 504 when used straight away

Hi guys, we have been using Infura IPFS at for a long time and love it - we have always pinned certain images but recently we have noticed a few oddities.

When uploading images we often (about 50% of the time) get back a 504 when accessing the images immediately - but then if we wait a few minutes the image then loads fine.

My questions are:

  1. Is this to be expected?
  2. are we using it wrong?
  3. Do you know of any common solutions to this?



Hey James, this is definitely an unusual error, we have investigated on our side and made some changes that could potential help this from occurring. We are working on a very exciting new backend system for supporting IPFS that would guarantee these kinds of issues to not happen.

Keep hitting the endpoint and let us know if you’re still experiencing these issues. We will keep you and this group updated on the rollout of that new backend system.

Thanks Mike, I will continue to monitor from our end.

I put a basic retry interceptor in our end which seems to have stopped any issues from surfacing in.

Thanks for the help


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@mike I have been again seeing increased numbers of 504 from Infura the last few days. Is there a way to mitigate this in some form or do you have any ideas as to why this is happening?

Let me know if you need any more information on this.



We had a temporary issue that is now resolved, we have a new release coming very soon that will enable auth on the IPFS endpoints and significantly increase the QoS around IPFS

Thanks @mike - I’ll be watching out for this and more than happy to test it out if needed since we use it alot.

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@mike are there more issues today?

We keep getting 504 which is fine but its not ideal for public facing projects.

Do you know of any solutions to this issue.

Thanks for your time.

Cheers James

Our backend update is going live today, please keep an eye on it, agree this is not the experience we want users to be seeing, very much appreciate the feedback.

Our IPFS team rolled out an update that should help with the issues you were seeing. Please retest on your end and let us know if you’re still having issues