Please disclose Infura s enode urls for Ethereum v1

As someone who perform transaction frontrunning, there are some transactions where the creator of the opportunity is both the creator of the transaction and the competitor, this means I need to appear first by being connected to miners and also reorder the received transactions (I m using a custom OpenEthereumnode for this).
But in order to get a larger share Ethereum network getting my version of transaction ordering, I also need to be connected to the node which launched the broadcast on the Ethereum network.

The service is the primary method used from users for broadcasting their transactions to the network, so my competitors are likely to start from there.
In that case would it be possible to get the enodes used by even if they are dynamic please?

Hi @lcellier, and welcome to the Infura community!
I’ve put a request in with our engineering team and will let you know when they respond (this will likely be after the new year).

Hi @lcellier, because of the potential of node censorship and denial of service attacks against our nodes, we don’t publish our enodes. This is something we may allow in the future, isn’t currently something we offer.