Polygon Mainnet. "request failed or timed out" errors

Hello Infura Team,

Starting from April 8th, I can see in our app logs the errors spikes “request failed or timed out” around 7AM CET. Could you check?

Hi :wave: @AndreiN and welcome to the Infura community!

I do not see any incidents being reported on Polygon on April 8th.
Let me check with the team.

@AndreiN, ok the team double-check and we don’t see anything ongoing since April 8 for Polygon Mainnet.

Is there any information that you could share with us on what kind of requests you are making and getting such errors? Do you get those errors every day around 7 AM CET or have you been getting them since April 8th around 7AM CET?

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Hello @lovekosmas!

Since Friday (22th April) evening we don’t see the same issue more. Thanks.

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Thanks for confirming!