Project dashboard stats not updated


I’ve noticed that the stats for a particular project in my dashboard are not updated. It lists 0 method call in the last 24 hours, but I’m currently sending many transactions and receiveing the receipts regularly.

What’s happening? I’m targeting Rinkeby network.

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me too.
I can’t confirm our transaction(contract.methods).
just eth_getBlockByNumber.

Seems that the project dashboard received some updates. Now I can see the transactions performed. Need time to verify if the count is exact.
I’m wondering why I’ve experienced hours of delay.

Hi, thanks for reporting this issue. Could you provide the email registered to the account where you’re seeing these issues?

Hi @mike. Sure. It’s

Thanks for sharing, we are seeing requests come in to the account registered to that account are you still not seeing anything in the stats section of your dashboard?

hey @mike, same issue for me.

Hey @aviekakkar, and welcome to the Infura community!
Are you able to see your stats now?

hey @Leiya_Kenney, thanks for the prompt reply here. yes, I can confirm things are upto speed on my dashboard now :+1:

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Looks like there is still an issue with the dashboard. I haven’t seen mine update in 7 days and I know of one more that hasn’t updated in almost a month, since Jan 7th.

Hi @dryajov, and welcome to the Infura community! Are you able to see your updated dashboard?