Project ID Security Settings Regression

Infura has recently become aware of a regression in the behavior of our Project ID Security settings which is preventing the HTTP Origin and User Agent fields from properly applying.

To address this issue Infura will deploy a fix on our backend on June 24th, 2020.

Before this date, we suggest all users:

  • Review their existing ALLOWLIST USER AGENTS and ALLOWLIST ORIGINS settings.
  • Either:
    • Remove all existing settings before this change and re-apply the settings after the Infura update is announced.
    • Be prepared to validate the behavior of any project IDs with these security settings set on the date in question.

We will announce the exact time the fix will be deployed on our status page at Users are encouraged to subscribe to updates on that page to be notified via e-mail or SMS when the deployment is made.

If you have any questions regarding this issue please reach out to us via support at