Rate limit details

The rate limits covered here are pretty ambiguous: Infura Documentation | Infura Documentation

We need to know how many requests we can do per second as our service must be up at all times and the requests per second changes on user demand. We host an orderbook service similar to 0x and need to check orders as they come in for validity and may receive an influx of orders vs none at any one time.

If we are on a paid plan and are using our project id to auth, how many requests can we do per second (assuming we havent gone over our daily allocation)?

hi @spiz , all paid plans should have a 300 rps limit.


is there any way to change this? we need to do a lot more than that per second.

Sorry, I maybe wasn’t very clear, 300 rps is per ip/per method call. If you feel that you need more than this, we can provide a custom plan. Please drop us an email to inquiry@infura.io and our team will work with you and make sure things meet your needs.

Thanks !

hey, one correction here, the rps limit was raised a while back to 5000 rps for paid plans and 500 rps for the free ones.
I’m sorry I was providing outdated numbers.