Rate limit during minting NFT collection

hi there, I’m planning to use Infura for the web3 frontend for NFT minting.

I think 100k/day is enough overall, but i’m curious if there’s a per/second rate limiting on top of that, since NFT minting tends to happen in bursts.

I read this docs

"data": {
  "see": "https://infura.io/docs/ethereum/jsonrpc/ratelimits",
  "current_rps": 13.333,
  "allowed_rps": 10.0,
  "backoff_seconds": 30.0,

from the looks of it, after 10 rps, my app will have to wait for 30 seconds, which would make it unusable for 30 seconds?

is there any way to enable ‘burst mode’ just for minting time?

Hi @lustrumi and welcome the Infura community!

Do you still experience this issue? We had our nodes overloaded by a sudden increase in traffic (on IPFS) that could have affected Ethereum API as well. We scaled up and it should be fine now.

If you are still experiencing this issue, please share a code snippet with the full error message you are getting.

Also, have you tried setting up a limit for requests per second in your project dashboard —> Settings?

there’s misunderstanding.
I’m still evaluating which RPC provider to use.

I’m just asking if there’s a way to remove the limit temporarily for minting :slight_smile:

To follow up on that, it looks like you are referring to the old documentation.

Here is the link to the new one, with some ideas on how to deal with being rate limited:

The best way would be to test it out, of course, and see if in fact you are rate limited, and even then Infura team can work together with you to see if it possible to customize your plan :slightly_smiling_face: