Request Rate Limits

I’m on the Infura free tier and I’m using it to test out the setup of my NFT project. I have a script that uploads my photos and metadata to IPFS using the Infura API endpoint, and I often receive a “too many requests” error after about 5-6 requests.

Is there a specific rate limit that I can follow?

Hello @Feeks, welcome to our Infura community!

Please keep in mind that making IPFS API calls without project authentication limits you to 12 write requests/minute, and content retrieval is possible at 10 requests/second. Check out more details about this here.

Using authenticated requests, these rate limits can be increased to 10 requests/second for writing and 100 requests/second for reading.

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Thanks for your response Christian.

All of my requests are authorized as basic and with my project ID and secret. Based on my console logs I don’t believe my script could be exceeding 10 per second. Perhaps I will add a wait for 1-2 seconds between each NFT upload and see if it eliminates the problem.

If I handle the error within my script, is it possible I could get blocked from the API for receiving too many of these errors?

No problem! Adding a little wait time between the NFTs should fix the problem, please let us know otherwise.

No, that shouldn’t be possible.

I’ve discovered my issue. I was in fact sending my authorization credentials incorrectly. I was not sending my username and password in base64.

Your link you sent initially helped me, thank you!

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