Send ERC20 transaction not appeared on blockchain

We are using infura from many days. But today we faced issue of transaction hash is created but its not appear on blockchain.
Any idea about it ? what can be reason ?

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Hi @kr103_falcon and welcome to our Infura community :slight_smile:

Our team is currently investigating this issue, we will let you know once we have a concrete answer. Thank you for your patience.

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I also encountered this problem, can you see it as soon as possible to solve it

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Hi @eth20200202 @kr103_falcon

We did some investigation at the time this ticket came in and found that one of our transaction subsystems was having some problems. We deployed the fix to mainnet at 18:58 (UTC - 1 October) and our systems should be performing consistently now. If you are still seeing issues with transactions, please let us know.

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we also encountered this problem.

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Hi @Flaveeu

txid send via infura mainnet still can’t broadcast to blockchain, now, i crashed than 8 txs, it did not worked !!!

We are checking…we will update you. Thanks.

any update sir? it’s been 5 days :laughing:

Same problem here (yesterday 2.10). I sent a raw transaction through the HTTP API, got a hash as a reply, and then nothing… no trace of my tx anywhere ever.

I was wondering if it got stuck in your nodes tx pool, but unfortunately there is no way to check your tx pool with infura’s HTTP API.