Sepolia Testnet Faucet Launch

Hey Developers!

Great news! Infura just released a Sepolia Testnet Faucet that lets you claim 0.5 Sepolia ETH per day, for free. It’s super easy to use, just visit Ethereum API | IPFS API & Gateway | ETH Nodes as a Service | Infura, sign in to your Infura account, enter your wallet address, and claim.

Sepolia Testnet is an important tool for testing your smart contracts before deploying them on mainnet environments. With our Testnet Faucet, you can easily catch bugs and reduce the cost of deploying tests on mainnet.

At Infura, we’re all about making Web3 development easy and reliable. That’s why we’re excited to offer this important tool to help you achieve your goals.

Check out and claim your free Sepolia ETH today!

Infura Sepolia Testnet Faucet demo video:


Sepolia Extended Or Go head a project ?

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Hi @jenos77,

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question. Can you provide more details on what you would like to know? Thanks!

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This is very good. Going to be useful to many developers and testers :sunny:

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