Taking Back the Web with Infura- Virtual Hackathon Winners

Last month, Gitcoin’s virtual hackathon #TakeBackTheWeb inspired 448 hackers from around the :earth_americas:to identify problems with the internet as we know it, and solve them by building Web3 solutions. Infura put up two bounties totalling $1000 in Eth. These bounties were created for developers with varying levels of experience - so it didn’t matter if you were new to blockchain development or were a seasoned Web3 pro, every developer had a shot at winning an Infura bounty. At the end of the hackathon, every contributor had made something cool and the winners were awarded a bounty!

Infura bounty winners :drum::drum::drum:
:trophy: IPFS - @jmsofarelli!
:trophy:API optimization - @Destiner!

And shoutouts to 2 submissions that were superb uses of the Infura #IPFS API

:mega: IPFS-FRBR by @cervoneluca
:mega: WalletConnect integration - @Abhimanyu121

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Read the recap here