Tutorial: Deploy an Ethereum Smart Contract in 6 Steps

Check out this tutorial by Alex Roan that teaches you how to develop, test & deploy an Ethereum smart contract to public testnet in 6 steps!

  1. Setup
  2. Creating Our Project
  3. Writing The Smart Contract
  4. Compile and Migrate
  5. Testing
  6. Deploy To Testnet

Hi! I am developing a P2P network, but how would I generate user accounts for the users in this network and connect them to the smart contract?
This is so that users can send and receive data based on their unique IDs

Hey @James_Alov, a smart contract for that would contain an incrementing unique user_id, and connect that with the wallet address of the user. Alternatively, you would create a unique ID for each user in your P2P app, and then the user would register that using their wallet address in the Ethereum contract. Either way, a unique user id and a wallet address are connected.

Thanks! I’ll try it out