Unable to test slow mining transactions on Goerli ... everything gets mined almost immediately

Is there some way to submit a tx (maybe with gas price below a certain value), such that it is accepted by the client but not mined right away? As a developer I need to be able to test my code for situations where I need to re-submit a tx at a higher gas price if it is taking too long to get mined. With Goerli, it seems impossible to do that. No matter what gas price I submit the tx at, it either gets mined within a few seconds or the tx fails with error “transaction underpriced”.

Hi @RussD - after connecting with our engineering team, it seems that Goerli is not the most compatible with that kind of testing. Setting something like a pricelimit may defer validating your tx indefinitely if you set the initial gasPrice to zero. In addition, we have also done tests on pending txs and the mining time is heavily influenced by gas price and the number of current pending tx for that network.

Would it be possible for you to switch to another network? This kind of scenario may be easier to test on Ropsten.

Thanks, I will give Ropsten a try.