Was eth2-beacon-pyrmont down for 2.5 hours?

Hi everyone,

my Pyrmont validator uses the eth2-beacon-pyrmont endpoint and had lots of erros like this today starting 04:43:53 and ending 07:29:19 CEST:

May 12 07:29:19 idefix lighthouse-test[16338]: May 12 07:29:19.228 ERRO Failed to download attester duties err: FailedToDownloadAttesters(“All endpoints failed hps://redacted:redacted@eth2-beacon-pyrmont.infura.io/ => Unavailable(Offline), hps://redacted:redacted@eth2-beacon-pyrmont.infura.io/ => Unavailable(Offline)”), request_epoch: 39314, current_epoch: 39313, service: duties

The machine’s connection was not the issue according to my monitoring tools and other connections working flawlessly in the same timespan.

So was infura.io down for that time?
Was it limited to eth2-beacon-pyrmont or was mainnet also affected (I don’t use that, but plan to).


Hi @doublehelix, and welcome to the Infura community!
Yes, you are correct - eth2-beacon-pyrmont was down this morning. It should be back on track now.

Thanks @Leiya_Kenney for the info! No worries, it’s only a testnet.
May I ask how the uptime in general is for mainnet?

Hey @doublehelix - you can check the uptime for any of our services here!