Web3py: web3.eth.default_account in INFURA

Hi, I want to send a Hash (from INFURA IPFS) to a smart contract but I am having issues signing the transaction.

Background: I don’t want to run an Ethereum client on my RPi, so I am using the HTTPProvider from Web3. I used Truffle and Ganache to compile, migrate and interact with my smart contract. But switching from Ganache to HTTPProvider (compiled/migrate again with changes in truffle-config.js for HTTPProvider) generates some errors regarding web3.eth.deafult_account.

import json
from web3 import Web3

blockchain_address = 'https://ropsten.infura.io/v3/..........................'
w3 = Web3(Web3.HTTPProvider(blockchain_address))

# The filehash from IPFS
filehash = 'randrom Hash'

# Default account, worked at least in Ganache
w3.eth.default_account = w3.eth.accounts[0]

# Smart Contract Path and ABI
contract_path = 'build/contracts/IPFS.json'
contract_address = 'address' # Address from truffle migration using HTTPProvider

with open(contract_path) as file:
    contract_json = json.load(file)
    contract_abi = contract_json['abi']

contract = w3.eth.contract(address=contract_address, abi=contract_abi)
result = contract.functions.sendHash(filehash).transact()


Error cases:

with w3.eth.default_account = w3.eth.accounts[0]
IndexError: list index out of range

with w3.eth.default_account = w3.eth.accounts[‘Metamask_account_address’]
TypeError: list indices must be integers or slices, not str

I tried using:

transaction = {
‘from’: ‘Metamask_Account_Address’,
‘to’: ‘SC_Address’,
‘chainId’: 3

result = contract.functions.sendHash(filehash).transact(transaction)

nothing worked. Did I miss some fundamental understanding what INFURA is?

found the solution.
tip: The method eth_sendTransaction does not exist/is not available

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