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I created an ubuntu server and made a websocket connection with wscat. I have 2 questions, I would be glad if you could answer them.

  • It is said that there is a daily limit of 100,000 rate. I am using websocket. Is there a rate limit on Websocket connections? For example, I want to get 1000 transaction details per minute by using the “eth_getTransactionReceipt” method over the connection I set up with wscat. If I send 1000 queries, does it count as 1000 requests? My goal is to get details of transactions in each block.

  • On my Ubuntu server, I want my connection with WSCAT to run smoothly in the background 24/7 (I’m wondering what the disconnection status is). Is there a blog post on how to do this?

hi @Anil, if you send getTransactionReceipt over ws it will be counted against the daily quota. Try to look into the subscribe method maybe you could accommodate it as the incoming data over ws is not counted against the limit.
The ws connection is automatically disconnected only if the connection goes idle for 1hr+ (eg no data coming through). You’ll probably need a reconnect routing in your code to handle the disconnects. Here’s a good example with web3js.

Thanks for the feedback.

With which subscription method can I receive detailed transfers?
Will “newHeads” work for me?


newHeads will only return the latest blocks, maybe pendingTransactions, what are you trying to monitor more exactly ?
Btw, maybe these two links would help a bit:

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What I want to do is:
I want to constantly monitor transactions on the Ethereum network.
For example, I want to get all the details of the transactions in block number 12288433 one by one.

The result I want to get;

"blockNumber": "12288433",
"timeStamp": "1619073240",
"hash": "0x7671e86accfb3cd75a9000e2d7eabced7fedab72aadeb93a4232cf1729b4e219",
"nonce": "5484",
"blockHash": "0xfd401add98379d29f97190614d44482c7bd5d769c004c4bea40d6cf858ce0623",
"transactionIndex": "242",
"from": "0x00799bbc833d5b168f0410312d2a8fd9e0e3079c",
"to": "0x28c6c06298d514db089934071355e5743bf21d60",
"value": "1000000000000000000",
"gas": "21000",
"gasPrice": "13400000000",
"isError": "0",
"txreceipt_status": "1",
"input": "0x",
"contractAddress": "",
"cumulativeGasUsed": "12676579",
"gasUsed": "21000",
"confirmations": "2013686"

// ... **OTHER 313 TX**

I’ll look into the links. Thanks

Right, probably you’ll not get away then with a low number of requests :slight_smile:
Something like this I guess: Listening to new transactions happening on the blockchain - EthereumDev

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