Weird IPFS JSON results


I am trying to do a ‘round trip’ of a JSON file I am trying to upload to IPFS through Infura.

I do the following commands:

curl “” -F file="{‘example’ : ‘json’}"

Getting an IPFS hash: QmW61xHTM11JwmTnGCD3J2uyYNJQwR3CmmbEwZbPBaXXiD

and then

curl “” --output -

but the second command gives me a bunch of unexpected junk output before my json:

QmW61xHTM11JwmTnGCD3J2uyYNJQwR3CmmbEwZbPBaXXiD0000644000000000000000000000002414042176040016677 0ustar0000000000000000{‘example’ : ‘json’}

What exactly is going on here? Is there an API call or curl flag that will let me just get my original Json back?