What version on kovan?

Wondering what version of Parity you’re running on Kovan? Has it changed lately?

I have code that depends on getting the return value of a revert string, which has recently stopped working

Hi @ana0, welcome to the community! Could you send over the API method you’re using and the error response you’re receiving?

Yep, I’m calling a contract method and receiving the string “VM execution error.”

let revertString = await contract.methods.methodName(args).call({ from: address });

What I expect to receive is the specific revert string I throw from solidity. This thread describes what I’m seeing https://github.com/web3j/web3j/issues/966

:wave: When did it last work for you?

We certainly updated our Parity Kovan nodes last October for the Istanbul fork.

Hi @shazow!

We’ve been seeing this for at least three weeks. Pretty sure it was working consistently mid-Nov, but our reporting has gotten a lot better since then. Possible it was happening sometimes back then too.

Looks like parity merged something related to revert in Sept https://github.com/paritytech/parity-ethereum/issues/8068

Hey @ana0 would you be able to share more of your code with us, we looked into both those issues and are not clear on how this was working before.