Stuck in the ‘indexer’

I’m having the same issue. Everything looks normal with the transaction, Gas Price is generous. It’s stuck in the ‘indexer’ .

Can you please diagnose the issue.


Hello everyone, while troubleshooting @JD_Bertron’s issue, we came up with a few steps one can take if the problem occurs on their account:

  • first, check if your account has multiple pending transactions (these are not always shown on etherscan) by running:
curl -X POST --data '{"id":1, "jsonrpc": "2.0", "method":"eth_getTransactionCount", "params": ["Your_Account_Address", "pending"]}'
  • next, if the number returned by eth_getTransactionCount is higher than your latest Nonce (watch out for hexa vs decimal conversion), it means that your account has at least one pending transaction, but likely multiple
  • there’s a good chance that the first pending transaction is blocking the queue, causing the This txn hash was found in our secondary node and should be picked up by our indexer in a short while. message.
  • to fix this, one will need to send a new transaction with the same Nonce as this first pending transaction to cancel it. (This transaction’s Nonce will be that of the latest completed outgoing transaction from your account, incremented by one)

If everything goes right, the first pending transaction should now be canceled and your queue unstuck.


I didn’t have the original tx hash to confirm, but re-submitting a new tx with sufficient funds and the same nonce unblocked the few transactions that were ahead of it. I repeated the process for 4 more transactions.
Thansk to support for the help !